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Barrier-free living ...

... this keyword is a hallmark of the holiday village

Barrier-free living means a certain amount of quality of life for all visitors, for more and more people it is a necessity.The aim is to create an environment offering a maximum of safety and comfort. The holiday village Lindow Klosterheide fills the gap between the wide range of health services, conference venues and the hotels and colleges of physical education in the region aiming at sports and fitness. The concept of barrier-free living is not directed at particular target groups, but it expands the clientele.

... result of a through planning process

The holiday village has consistently and thoroughly been planned as a barrier-free village by the investor in close coordination with the municipal council, the local government and the district administration. The planning is characterised by roads and paths suitable for wheelchairs as well as sufficient space for parking spaces and garages, space for service facilities and finally an economically and factually reasonable road and property drainage. The public planning process has included all the suggestions made by bodies of public affairs, and it corresponds to the requests made by the Land government of Brandenburg, which especially recommends barrier-free tourism for this region. The development plan no. 2 "Feriendorf Klosterheide" is in force. The parcelling out of plots of land, which are unencumbered and ready for sale, has been carried out. The development contract has been concluded. The main development road Banzendorfer Weg, which has already been built, as well as the inner road connections, which are to be improved, are consistently designed for barrier-free living. The development of construction stage 7 also progresses very well. The development plan reserves the possibility to choose the form of energy. The first two houses, which are built in Nordic style, have in addition to a functioning fireplace an electrical floor heating for the optimal comfort of users.

... requires through architectural planning

Barrier-free residential buildings require spaciously sized plots of land. For this reason the area size of the plots of land is determined in a way so that it is possible to plan and build completely different holiday homes meeting these requirements. Sufficiently wide corridors and doors, good accessibility to and reachability of technical facilities in the living area, kitchen, bathroom or in the sauna are important details determining the planning method. But it is not only possible to build one-storey houses. This fact increases the appeal of the planning solution and determines the architectural quality, which is aimed at with the development. The quality also determines decisively the lasting economic efficiency of the resort.

Effi-Briest-Weg 5
16835 Lindow / OT Klosterheide
Löhberg 78
45468 Mülheim an der Ruhr
Phone:+49 208 45000-60
Journey discription:
by car from A 24:
Berlin-Hamburg, exit Kremmen or Neuruppin
by car from B 96:
exit Löwenberg-Herzberg
by train:
Prignitz express from Berlin Charlottenburg to Neuruppin-Lindow-Rheinsberg

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